Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Heritage Centre exhibition changes

Angela working on the new displayThe main exhibition area is going through a process change. The Wedding display is being replaced by a display on Babies and Children's Clothes From Victorian to Wartime. Visitors are still welcome during this change, in fact its the best time to discuss the exhibits with the organiser, Angela Kenrick.

Teddy Bears' picnicIn the second room, the collection of photos continue to expand and a special Christmas display has been created for the children, the Teddy Bears' picnic meets Goldilocks and the three bears. It's an interactive, visual and audio display.

St Marys entrance, Dec 06As well as the Heritage Centre, there is the St Mary's repair and restoration display in the porch. Perhaps even more illustrative of the problems the building faces is the continuing growth in fences and protection, to shield the public from falling masonry. By the end of this month the church must raise £42,000 or else it loses promise of HLF funds. This is a very difficult target to reach and the church continues to look for generous benefactors, large or small.