Friday, December 08, 2006

Heritage magazine, Winter 06/07 on sale

The latest issue of the the Heritage Magazine is now available in most newsagents and bookshops and at the Heritage Centre, St Mary's Church, The Marketplace.

    It includes articles on:
  • Underground Stockport
  • Royal Oak Yard;
  • St Thomas' Church;
  • St Thomas' workhouse;
  • a restored Stockport tram;
  • Tiviot Dale;
  • Stockport's blitz;
  • Mellor's medieval hall;
  • New life for Cheadle landmarks;
  • Veteran Park Keeper at Lyme;
  • Bredbury, Woodley & Hatherlow;
  • Oldknow's Romiley home;
  • the Plaza; and
  • book reviews.