Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This blog has been upgraded to "Beta Blogger". (This won't make a big difference to most of you. Those of you who submit postings may find they have to create a new Google account. Just follow instructions.)

The reason for the change is that we can exploit various improvements. An improvement you may have noticed already. Now at the bottom of most postings you can see labels. Click on the label and you see all the postings with that label. I hope you find that useful.

(Someone adding a new posting can add existing labels or invent their own labels. See the bottom right hand of the posting box.)

By the way, the first cheque fom Google has been paid into the Trust account, for the adverts you see at the top and right hand side of the page. The person paying it in called it a "Googly" cheque. All the clerks wanted to see it because they have never see a googly cheque before. This blog has earned us £53 in a year.