Monday, December 18, 2006

Replacement of existing Georgian and opaque glazing with new clear glazing, Heaton Moor, planning application

There is not enough information posted, as yet, to be clear what is happening, but it does sound as if the frontage of the Royal Bank of Scotland may be compromised to accomodate a new ATM.

Installation of three number condensers to rear of the building and one number window fan at second floor level, the reconfiguation of bay window to suit relocated ATM at DDA height with addition of anti-ram raid protection system in front of ATM. The addtion of one task light to illuminate the proposed relocation of the external ATM. The removal of the existing night safe. The replacement of existing Georgian and opaque glazing with new clear glazing.
Royal Bank of Scotland, 1 Heaton Moor Road, Heaton Chapel, SK4 4LW
Case Officer / Telephone: Mr C Smyton 0161 474 3551
Consultation Expiry Date: 07-01-2007
Documents: click here (no documents on-line at time of posting).