Wednesday, December 20, 2006

'Stress' argument sees mast application fail

[Excerpt from Stockport Express, 20/12/06]
STOCKPORT phone mast protesters have persuaded the council a mast application would be too stressful for residents with health problems.

The group opposed a bid from Orange to place a 12m monopole mast at the junction of Offerton Lane and Hempshaw Lane, in Offerton.

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[This is unprecedented. While the safety of masts are far from proven, operators rely on the fact that they meet EU standards defined some years ago, which only cover certain types of radiation emitted by masts. My understanding was that safety fears could not be used as reason to ban phone masts. it seems highly likely that the council's decision will be overturned, but if it isn't it will be a major victory for phone mast campaigners across the country.]