Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Council To Open Archive As Part Of Centenary Celebrations

Thursday 23 March
The Council’s has already begun planning the celebrations for the Town Hall’s centenary in 2008.

Council staff have been looking through the Council’s archives for material to use in the celebrations and discovered around a 100 posters designed by school children in Stockport as part of the ‘Keep Stockport/Britain Tidy’ poster competition in the 1950/60s.

Much of the artwork is exceptional and reflects the era they were created in, with emphasis on soldiers, being British and the future.

The Council’s Venues Manager, Jason Carroll, said: “We are keen to reopen the archive to allow the public to view these pictures as part of the celebrations. We would very much like to hear from the people that created these posters, who were of course children at the time.

“We have produced a list of names of all the children, along with dates of birth and schools which the pupils attended. We are interested in what they have done since they left school, and if they can remember what inspired them to take part in the competition. We would also like to get a picture of them, then and now, to display. The aim is to then display all the posters and information, and have the public judge them as part of a competition.”

So, if you were born between 1946 and 1958, i.e. now aged between 48 and 60 years old, attended a Stockport school, and took part in this competition, one of these posters may well have been yours!

To find out if the Council has one of your posters, please phone 0161 474 3251.