Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Staircase House Stitchers - 21.3.06

green slipYou should be able to see from these images that the stitchers have been working hard and have already produced some fabulous work.

slipsWe now have a good stock of vegetable dyed wools which are wonderful bright colours, as they would have been in the 17th century.

slip with hatchingThe stitchers are working on several projects in different techniques of embroidery - the pictures here are of some finished 'slips' in crewelwork.

Frank stitchingThe work which has been produced so far is to an extremely high standard, and it is lovely to be able to see everyone's different individual style. The colours really stand out and once displayed in Staircase House, the finished textile pieces will look vibrant.

crewel workers
Note the picture of Frank Galvin, an active member of the group showing much promise in the art of embroidery!

Next Stitching meeting is on Tuesday April 18, 11am-3pm or 6pm-8pm at Staircase House.