Friday, March 10, 2006

Stockport Times excerpts 9/3/06

"New role for hall?
"The Disability Stockport Group hopes to breathe new life into Woodbank Hall, by transferring it into a one-stop centre for information and advice."
We have discussed in previous posts how the Trust is concerned that the Hall will be sold. At least this proposal would keep the Hall serving the people of Stockport, a condition of the bequest. SMBC have considered selling a long term lease rather than the freehold to get round these conditions. I can't see though that this will be good location for Disability Stockport. It will be a long walk from the closest bus stop.

"The Friends of Ladybrook Valley have regular task days which everyone is welcome to attend. The friends group meet at the pond behind Bramhall High School at 10am on Sundays. All you need are suitable clothing and footwear for the session expected to end at 1pm. Tools will be provided. If you are interested in taking par email to indicate numbers or just turn up on the day.

"Amazing mechanical marvel The oldest working boiler in Britain has been discovered [in Cheadle Hulme. It] has run for three times longer than any boiler should. The boiler was discovered in a competition run by Powergen to find Britain's oldest boiler. The Vulcan No. 3, was fitted in 1967 after it [was taken out of a] home in Wilmslow where it had been for six years."

"Hard cell for new des res Stockport Council has received a planning application to turn the former police station on Station Road, Cheadle Hulme, into four two-bedroom apartments. As recently as 2003, the building was used as a custody office to lock up around 200 prisoners a month. The project designers say they intend to keep many of the now-empty building's original 1920s features.
'Jules Karczewski, from agents DAC Architects, said: "It is an old and interesting building with large rooms that lends itself well to this project. As much as possible, we are desperate to keep the layout and features of the building like they were when it was a police station. It will add value.'"
For a previous posting on this subject, with links to the application, click here.

"'Jewel' tarnished Since 2002, the park has gained a dedicated facility manager and a community park officer. Our staff are in regular contact with two local police community support officers whose visits have improved safety and security. However, despite the steps make by the council, local wildlife enthusiasts such as the Tame Valley Defence Group claim greater funding is needed to tackle anti-social behaviour in the park."