Monday, March 20, 2006

Rollyo search engine

You will see in the left hand margin which lets you search "Stockport" (or alternatively the whole Web) for items. This searchs 25 key Stockport websites for whatever keywords you enter. The logic is that it concentrates the search on these sites and is less likely to come up with irrelevant information.

I hope people find it useful.

I would welcome suggestions for other Stockport pages to add. (The existing pages can be seen once you have done a search). It has to be an entire domain, such as (Addresses such as doesn't work or it will search the entire globalnet domain.)

As there is a limit on the number of domains to search, I am thinking of creating several search engines, one for Stockport history sources, another for Stockport recreation. Any other suggestions?

By the way, not everyone knows how best to search this blog. You can use Rollyo or Google, the problem is it will probably link to this main page and then you still can't find what you want as this page is huge. So instead, put your key words into the box at the top left of this page (just to the right of "Blogger") then click the button "SEARCH THIS BLOG". It will then find the individual posting(s) of interest.