Thursday, March 02, 2006

Romiley Primary School is saved!

Romiley Primary SchoolI would like to tell fellow bloggers the good news that Stockport Council have had a change of heart and are not now going to move 92 years old Romiley Primary School from the centre of Romiley. The School built in 1914, has provided generations of Romiley schoolchildren with a first class education and a strong empathy for the local community. For the last two years the Council have held what could be termed the “Sword of Damocles” over the school. Because of falling numbers Barrack Hill, and Springwood Primary have been closed making Romiley Primary the only school in the village. It is highly subscribed and very popular with parents and Children alike. Despite this popularity there have been plans to move the school to the site of the now closed Springwood site, out of the centre of the village and opposed by the majority of people in Romiley. The Council did try to get government money to build a new school on its present site on Sandy Lane, but warned if this was not forthcoming then the school would be moved to Springwood. The bid fell through in the Summer of 2005. Due though to the hard work of Romiley Parents Action Group and School governors, the council decided on January 30th to keep the School on its Sandy Lane Site, and give the school £2 Million so that an extension to the overcrowded school could be built. It is hoped this extension will retain something of the existing schools Heritage and ethos. Now Romiley Primary School can look forward to its 100th anniversary in 2014, safe in the knowledge that it remains at the centre of the community of Romiley. Further can be obtained by going to

By John Bardsley, a volunteer with Stockport Heritage Trust.