Friday, November 24, 2006

Couple embrace winds of change

[Exceprt from the Stockport Express - 22/11/06]
AN ENVIRONMENT-conscious couple who want to cut their fuel bills are installing their own wind turbine.
Ken and Chris Miles, of Madison Avenue, Cheadle Hulme, want to fix the 2-metre rotating blades to their roof to generate power and become the first in Stockport to use such a method.
They have secured a £300 government grant and are now waiting for the council to decide if they need planning permission before they can use wind power to save up to one third on the cost of their electricity.
Management consultant Ken, 60, said: "We decided to do this because of the spiralling cost of electricity and gas bills. We'd switched provider but it made no difference.
"There's also the environmental consideration, as we need to reduce carbon emissions. Plus, if there is a power cut, it will be nice to have enough to run the lights, fridge and freezer.
It is believed the turbine, which will be 3-metres from top to bottom, will provide a third of the couple's energy requirement. Partly funded by the grant, it costs £1,500 to buy and install. The couple originally looked into solar panels but found them unsuitable. They turned to the turbine after learning their home was in an area above the requisite average wind speed of 5-metres per second.

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