Friday, November 24, 2006

What's become of great market?

[Excerpt from Stockport Times' letters page 23/11/06]
On Saturday, I visited Stockport Market, I was shocked at the depressed state of it.

Years ago, my other half worked on Gresty's flower stall and I had a Saturday job selling shoes. The market, at that time, was a vibrant place. It was the heart of Stockport and appreciated and used by hundreds of people.

I love it because I felt the sense of its long history with its cobbles, stalls, cafes, pubs and the church at one end and the ghost of the missing castle at the other.

What on earth has happened to this great market? Many areas of the market are missing stalls and by 2.30pm on Saturday, a lot of stall holders were dispiritedly packing up because the trade was so slow.

What is the council doing to continually promote this wonderful place? Nothing, according to the stall holders I spoke to. The rents are high and the promoted continental market sited in the precincts, what a snub for the ancient site!

The market is a unique asset to the town. It should be given the status it has earned and deserves.

Whoever is in charge of market affairs, promotions, tourism and the council needs a big wake-up call.

What are the people of Stockport thinking of? Don't they have any loyalty or love for this special place for heaven's sake?

Maureen Roberts, Berwick Rd, Shrewsbury