Thursday, November 16, 2006

Weaving fabric of life to create a living history

HISTORY has been brought to life at an exhibition delving into the memories and experiences of Stockport people at a newly opened gallery-situated next to Staircase House Museum.
The Changing Lives exhibition is the newest addition to the 1900s to present day gallery in the Stockport Story museum and highlights the histories of over 50 local people who took part in a project to record their personal experiences of living in Stockport.
The newly opened gallery is the third and penultimate phase to open at the Stockport Story Museum, and has received over 5,000 visitors to its prehistoric, medieval and 1900s to present day galleries since it opened last year.
Publicity and events officer, Rowan Phillimore, said: "So far the stained glass window from the old Stockport Sunday School and the 1950s retro kitchen have been the most popular features because they bring back memories for a lot of people."
One of the most interesting displays is the bullet scarred breastbone of Constable Birch, a police officer who in July 1819 was shot in the chest at Stockport Market Place.
Rowan said: "This is a great historical feature and represents a time when Stockport was experiencing social unrest due to the cotton trade."
"He actually survived the shooting, but many doubted his claims until his death in 1830 when the bullet hole was discovered in his breastbone."

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[Don't miss the craft fair, including Stockport Heritage Trust's stall, at Staircase House this Saturday.]