Saturday, November 04, 2006

Plans on tap for a real home's brew

[Excerpt from the Stockport Times, 2 Nov 06]
Equity Housing Group has applied for planning permission to turn the former Royal Oak Brewery, on Cooper Street in the town centre into 51 apartments.
Architects behind the plans, TADW, say some of the original features at the brewery, which operated between 1888 and 1957 and was, for a time, under the Whitbread brand.

Paul Robinson, from TADW, which has won awards for restoration work on Stockport Market Place, said: "Overall, the fabric of the building has not changed from when Whitbread had it and its quirky corners would be retained and expressed in a contemporary style.
"The building has character but is in desperate need of repair. And the development would bring it back to former glories and improve the whole area."

During its life, which began in 1877, the building has also been used as a pub and cotton mill.
Despite a fire when used as a cotton mill, some of the original hand-made bricks remain and would be retained in the development. As would the white brickwork spelling out Royal Oak Brewery.