Friday, November 24, 2006

Tranquillity is worth fight

[Excerpt from Stockport Times' letters page - 23/11/06]

North West tranquillity map from the CPRE websiteI am writing to draw the attention of Stockport residents to this Rural Tranquillity Campaign recently launched by CPRE. Tranquility can be difficult to measure, so that we can then make decisions about land use that place[s] importance on tranquillity. CPRE has now created a map of tranquillity covering the whole of England.

Sadly, but not surprisingly for such a large urban area, Stockport shows up on the map as a very non-tranquill area. So what can Stockport residents do to protect, enhance and reclaim tranquillity?
  • Firstly, be aware of the issue and when a planning application comes up, whether in Stockport or elsewhere, which seems to threaten tranquillity, speak out against it.
  • Secondly visit CPRE's website.
  • Thirdly consider joining CPRE.

Michael G Blank, Secretary, Stockport District CPRE

Click the above image for the CPRE website.